Hobby Airport (HOU)
William P. Hobby Airport is Houston's 2nd busiest airport,
Bush Intercontinental Airport.

Hobby Airport is located about seven miles SE of downtown Houston, just west of the Gulf Freeway (Hwy I-45).

First opened in 1927 as a private airfield, WT Carter Field, the airport was purchased by the City of Houston in 1937 and renamed Houston Municipal Airport.

In 1938, the airport was renamed Howard Hughes Airport, in honor of a major benefactor and airport user.  Within a few months, the name was changed back to HMA.. after the federal government informed Houston that no federal funds would be granted to any facility named after a living person.

During the 1940's, major improvements were made to runways and airport buildings. It stayed busy during World War II, and by 1950, four airlines provided regular service from HMA.

The 1950's were a time of major change all across the USA, and airport construction boomed. National and international flights became commonplace, and infrastructure was needed to support air travel's growing popularity. The main airport passenger terminal was built, old runways improved, and new runways added to facilitate landing new jet aircraft.  Dozens of private hangers and aviation facilities were also added along the west side of the airport.

The current name was given to the airport in 1967, in honor of ex-governor William P. Hobby. Mr. Hobby was also the owner of the Houston Post newspaper.

In 1969, the first sections of the new Houston Intercontinental Airport (IAH) were completed, and Hobby's scheduled passenger traffic was all relocated to the new airport. Hobby Airport continued to serve private aviation as a "general aviation airport". Activity included corporate flights, flight training, & air-cargo operations.

In 1971, Southwest Airlines reinstituted scheduled passenger traffic to Hobby airport. As IAH has become steadily more crowded, other airlines have also setup operations at Hobby. Twelve commercial airlines currently serve Hobby Airport.

As Hobby Field is only a few miles from downtown Houston, as well as the massive oil refineries along the Houston Ship Channel, the airport is convenient for business travelers.  Hobby Airport is also popular with college students from nearby University of Houston and Rice University, who travel on Southwest Airlines to destinations in Texas and the surrounding region.



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